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Deckel Caps

Rita Penner

Deckel Caps sprang onto the market scene in 2018 and since then we've handmade hundreds of flatcaps.  We boast the best selection of flatcaps in a variety of fabrics in Ottawa, even Canada.  We even have flatcaps made out of hand-woven fabric that was made just for us by Upper_Canada_Weaving!  The booth needed more pizzazz, more colour, so in 2020 we added socks that are hand-cranked on an antique circular knitting machine.  We've made over 500 pairs since then and become much more knowledgeable about yarn in the process.  Some of the socks we offer are from Canadian sheep, whose wool is processed in Ontario.  We strive for our products to be truly 'local'.  It's an absolute pleasure to be able to provide personal attention at the various markets that we attend and to meet our many wonderful customers. 

Deckel Caps
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