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Lift Flavours

Leigh Stevenson
Prepared Food

At Lift Flavours we take pride in delivering refreshing, innovative and complex flavour combinations. We understand that some people are concerned about the amount of salt that should be used in a healthy diet. It's true that commercial products can contain way too much salt and sugar. By starting with the basics in your own kitchen and adding Lift Flavours, you are in control. We combine pure sea salt with herbs, fruits and teas so that you get considerably more flavour impact per teaspoon, while adding substantially less sodium. Our attention to detail results in products that are colourful and beautifully textured, in addition to being delicious! Our unusual flavour combinations make home cooks and bakers feel like chefs, and make family and friends who are sharing the meal feel pampered. Our sea salt infusions are hand-blended using premium components – organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Respectful of local, seasonal food, we love enhancing your dishes and adding complexity to their natural splendor with a beautiful and flavourful finishing touch to any plate, or adding a bit of punch while the dish is cooking. And the bonus? Your family and friends will wonder how you found the time to attend cooking school! Please enjoy and send us your feedback.

Lift Flavours
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